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Close Anytime Anywhere


Wherever you are in the world, online closing has become much easier. Don’t worry about running behind in traffic, reading and signing hundreds of papers on the spot, or coordinating busy schedules. Save time and money by closing online from the comfort of your home.


Still want the excitement of the key exchange?  We have many options that make it more convenient for all parties.

Need to close after hours? We can do that too!


Title WRX is protecting you from wire fraud by using CertifID

Did you know that there have been over $90 billion in wire fraud attempts in just the past few years? And that banks are not liable for failing to stop these fraudsters?

Why are real estate transactions targeted? Because they are incredibly lucrative! Think about it, each real-estate transaction is, on average, worth $200,000. And, they also involve multiple parties, all communicating electronically. It’s easy for the fraudster to find all the info they need through one hacked e-mail account.

Once the money is gone, it’s gone for good.

That’s why we at Title WRX have partnered with CertifID! This new process will eliminate the risk of wire fraud and offers protection for you and your customers.

At Title WRX all wire information will be transmitted within the secure and easy to use CertifID platform. Title WRX will guide the buyer and seller through the process every step of the way. We are excited to share this valuable service with you!

CertifID is the leading real-time identity verification software platform for real estate, mortgage, and title industry professionals. Its proprietary system protects business and consumers from fraud by quickly and effectively authenticating all parties in a transaction and securely transfers bank account information. CertifID can safeguard the life savings of buyers and the liquidity of businesses and guarantees each wire transfer up to $1,000,000. Learn more at www.certifid.com.

Bank Shot Mobile Deposit


After selecting SIGN UP, the first piece of information required will be the title company access code, which will be provided by Title WRX. This code lets you connect to our company only. Follow the prompts and submit all required information.


When taking pictures of the front and back of the check, please make sure you are taking the picture as a landscape/horizontal picture. Make sure to use a dark background, so all four corners of the check are visible.


Double check all information is entered correctly. Be sure to confirm the dollar amount entered matches the check amount. Select Submit and the office will be able to review it immediately in our secure portal.


After the office has received and reviewed your secured submission, you will receive confirmation and funds will be deposited instantly.


It’s that simple! No driving checks around. Saving you time and money. You can use it day or night. Track and receive quick updates to have a peace of mind knowing you are staying compliant.

Residential Title

Over the course of a lifetime, buying a home is one of the most important decisions an individual will make. Title WRX is a trusted partner because we are committed to leading every step of the way and guarantee that your overall experience is a positive one. Our tailored services meet the needs of Michigan’s residential real estate and mortgage community as we offer resale and refinance title and escrow closings from two convenient locations.

Commercial Title

Title WRX understands the complexities and potential issues layered in commercial real estate transactions. We have extensive experience closing and insuring high-liability, commercial/industrial and development real estate projects against unforeseen problems.

Title WRX Principals, commercial real estate lenders and brokers, attorneys, law firms, asset managers, builders, and developers trust Title WRX for comprehensive services and top-tier customer satisfaction.

New Construction & Developer Services

Specialized knowledge and sophistication are essential when closing a new construction project. These factors are especially important regarding pending and future disbursements if the project is financed by a construction loan. Our educated title and closing staff is well versed in handling future disbursements, as well as underwriting for mechanic’s lien coverage.